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Welcome to cake eating company

About The Cake Eating Co.

The Cake Eating Company is a Christchurch based business which specializes in everything sweet. From gorgeous and grand wedding cakes to petit fours, chocolates and entremet cakes oozing with decadence and flavour.

Your special occassion is just as unique and individual as you are and as such I will work with you to ensure that your sweet tooth is indugled as satisfies your individual tastes. It is a pleasure and a passion to create a unique flavour combination that matches every individual.

We use only high quality fresh ingredients; Tongan Vanilla, Belgian Chocolate, NZ fresh butter and free range eggs. Years of working in professional kitchens pays off, and you can taste it!

​Cakes and desserts are made to be indulgent and enjoyable. Creating memories for special occassions throughout your life. Let us help you create your newest memory through one of our delicious treats.

About Me

Hi, my name is Jamie! I am a former mains and pastry chef as well as a chocolatier. The Cake Eating Company started after my vivacious son was born and many a life crisis was had. The Cake Eating Co. is my way of feeding my love of pretty, delicious, and intricate things while maintaining a small owner operated business that guarantees the highest quality of everything that leaves my kitchen.


Married to the boss lady for 9 years Kade came aboard full time in 2014 when we transitioned to a full time business. With a background in customer service he is the friendly face you see out the front more often than not. If you drive up in a late 80’s square hatch back or anything bearing the BMW logo anticipate a lengthy conversation. An avid bread maker since way back you can find him scaling dough and, with intense focus, frying doughnuts.

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