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Flowers And Cakes

Flowers and Cakes

“Flowers… are a proud assertion that a ray of beauty out values all the utilities in the world.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

When it comes to decorations on cakes fresh flowers are an all time popular choice. If you love the look of an edible floral creation but don’t know how to start on your selection mission then read ahead. We have collated what we think are some of the most important things to know when it comes to flowers on cakes

Edible or Toxic

We think this one is pretty straight forward. No, toxic flowers don’t belong on a cake. For most custom cakes we tend to work in the colour scheme you provide us with so you don’t need to worry about it because we pick the right flowers for the cake. If you are wanting something specific (think to match wedding bouquets, or maybe your favourite flower for your birthday) then we recommend either a quick google, or just ask us if it’s edible.

If your flowers are coming via your florist for a wedding (which we recommend if you want them to fit in with the venue florals) make sure you have had a chat with your florist to make sure they don’t include any toxic flowers as we can’t use them on the cake!

Stencil gold leaf cake - Blog Post
Fresh roses with gold leaf, stencil and crushed geode candy

Should I eat them?

Flowers taste like they smell (so roses are quite perfumey, nasturtiums have a peppery taste). In our opinion they are more ‘salad’ like so while they look pretty and are edible we wouldn’t recommend eating them whole with the cake itself. Our son is a big fan of a sauteed flower petal though so you can also try the Espen approach

21st birthday cake
Fresh roses with chocolates, macarons, meringues and berries

How do they go on the cake

Flowers are attached to the cake depending on the type of flower and where it is going. We either attach the flowers with buttercream, or use a toothpick taped to the flower stem. When you come to cutting up the cake make sure you have taken out all the flowers and their picks to make cutting a breeze. We tape the flowers individually or in small groups so if you are supplying the flowers please supply them loose!

Dianthus, you probably even have some at home!

Who puts them on the cake?

Please, pick us! For the above mentioned reasons we are seasoned at picking the right flowers, and making sure they are put on right. We take our job of food safety really seriously and have brushed up on all the rules and regulations around what can and cannot go into food (hot tip, florist wire is a no no) so if you are having flowers on the cake please let us do it. If you are planning on popping something on from home, we are happy to do it, or please make sure you check that it is edible.

Did you catch that we are big rose fans 😛

Help, I love flowers but I get hayfever

Can I interest you in a buttercream flower cake? 100% edible, cute and pollen free.

Sculpted buttercream flowers

Can I keep the flowers?

To put the flowers on the cake they are cut, poked and kept out of water. So in short no. If you want to keep the flowers though have a chat to your florist about preparing an arrangement of safe dried flowers. If they supply them to us pre arranged we can fit them to go onto the cake and you can keep them as a memento for years to come

Dried flowers feat cake

The round up

Food is for eating. Flowers on food need to be edible and put on correctly 😛

Some cheeky roses with edible chocolate bark and meringue mushrooms. Check out our fairy cake

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