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Frequently Asked Questions

Icing – We us an Italian meringue buttercream as our standard icing. This is different to a standard American buttercream but we prefer it! If you haven’t tried it before we recommend trying a slice of cake in store to see if you like it. This buttercream still uses 100% butter as the base, but also uses egg and sugar.

Delivery – We offer delivery to a set list of postcodes within Christchurch. You can see this list here. If delivery is not coming up as an option at checkout this is usually due to one of three reasons:
1. The post code is not within our delivery area
2. The post code section is blank
3. The region is blank (Canterbury)

Same Day – If you are selecting a same day delivery at checkout this will only be available so long as the cart only contains same day items. If there are any items not from the same day menu then same day delivery will not be an option. To select same day you need to click the box at the date/time section of the checkout.

Flavours – We offer a set 10 flavours of cakes. You can see a full list here. For custom cakes we are happy to, where possible, make you a special cake flavour

Dietary Requirements – We can make most of our cakes gluten free, but currently only offer our vegan classic cake as an egg/dairy free option. Please note that as our cakes are produced in a kitchen which also uses these items there is a chance of cross contamination

Samples – Over winter we offer sample boxes of cakes once a month. You can book these online here. Please note this is not a service we provide over summer.

Portion sizing – The portions stated on our party cakes are dessert serves. These are the equivalent of 1″x2″wide and 4″ high . These are equivalent serves by volume as the heights of our cakes vary. To adjust the serving numbers to smaller coffee serves you can multiply the number by 2. For example a 6″ wide cake, that is 6″ high will give 15 dessert serves, or 30 coffee serves.

Wedding Cakes – To book your wedding cake you can do this by email, or book a cake consult. We book our consult times online here. We recommend a lead time of six months over our busy season (November – March). Please note we close for orders over Christmas. This time frame changes each year and is noted on the wedding page of our website

Order lead times – For orders on our online store we require a minimum of two full days lead time. For example orders for Friday cut off on Tuesday at 11.59pm, and orders for Saturday cut off at Wednesday 11.59pm. If you have a custom cake in mind we require a minimum of one weeks notice, depending on design elements this may increase so we recommend booking in as soon as possible. 

Shelf life – This varies depending on the cake. We recommend that cupcakes are best consumed on the day, or the following day. For whole cakes if the cake does not have iced sides we also recommend two days. If the cake is fully iced then this can be kept for up to five days in the fridge, but are always most delicious the sooner they are eaten! The decorations on the cake may not be suitable for this. Fresh flowers last up to two days, donuts and fresh fruit are best on the day the cake is picked up, and macarons last for around three days.  

If you need a last minute cake we keep a small selection in store, which is also updated online here

Storage – 

Cakes – The majority of our cakes and icings are butter based. This means the cake needs to be warmed to room temperature before eating, as the temperature difference between the cold butter in the baked goods and your mouth is too extreme and will affect mouth feel of the cakes, as well as texture (aka cold butter feels hard and dry, not soft and moist). However, the cakes also must be chilled to transport and not kept overly hot or the butter in the icing will soften too much.

We recommend keeping the cake out of the fridge for a minimum of three hours before eating. If your cake is larger, or you are taking it to the place it will be served then this time frame can be longer. 

When you pick up your cake we will advise you on the specific requirements for you, but always feel free to ask if you have any further questions!

Mousse/cream based – Keep us in the fridge until 30 minutes before serving! This 30 minutes allows the mousse to warm up slightly so it feels better in your mouth. 

Please note: Due to traffic light changes we will require covid passports on pick up. If you would like to arrange a contactless pick up please contact us for timeframes

Cake Terms and Conditions – General

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