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Wedding Cakes

The Cake Eating Co. has a goal of achieving not just a stunningly gorgeous cake that will become a centrepiece on your big day. We also aim to have this cake be a mouth-watering flavour explosion that is as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside.

To achieve this goal we start by using the best and freshest ingredients we can source both locally and internationally. We bake our cakes on the philosophy that a premium cake requires premium ingredients. Real fresh free range eggs and creamy NZ butter mixed lovingly with Tongan vanilla beans and the finest French and Belgian chocolates.

Cakes are fresh baked and soaked in syrups and alcohols for flavour. We then fill our cakes with a range of handmade curds, buttercreams, compotes and mousses. Each tier of your cake can be a different flavour and the flavour combinations within the tier are limitless.

We pride ourselves on being able to create a unique wedding cake flavour to go with your unique cake but don’t worry, we do the classics exceptionally well. Should you want to stray from the beaten path then we welcome you to try your hand at creating your own wedding cake flavour. We are more than happy to advise on pairings and help you create your cake dream. Should you have a flavour ‘goal’ in mind such as a cake that tastes like a snickers bar we are also at your service for creating this for you.

What will my wedding cake cost?

We recommend allocating between $5-10 per coffee serve for wedding cakes, this increases with more features, and more tiers. If you are looking for more budget friendly options our online store is set up to cater to a variety of budgets and designs.

Single tier cakes are a cheaper option and prices are based on size and decoration. They look gorgeous as part of a cake table! If you have a set budget for the wedding cake make sure you let us know so we can adapt your dream to make sure you can have your cake…and eat it too!

Wedding cupcakes start at $4.50 per serve and increase with decoration.

Delivery is mandatory for all wedding cakes over two tiers tall. This is based on $3/km return from our kitchen in Sydenham to the wedding venue, with a minimum charge of $50

We no longer offer stand hire for cakes. We do recommend trying The Little Hire Co. or The China Cabinet

Wedding cake themes and flavours can be carried throughout all your sweet edibles at your wedding and we can work with you to achieve not just your dream cake, but also a dessert buffet, chocolates, desserts and cookies.

Cake Tastings


You can book your cake consultation online here  . Our consult times here are for Saturday afternoons and Thursdays. If you cannot make these times, or are coming from out of town etc please email us and we can work around your available times. Our busiest time of year is November – February. We recommend booking your tasting about 6-12 months from your wedding. Booking too far in advance can mean your whole wedding concept changes, and too close may mean we are booked out. We are currently booked out for tastings weeks in advance.

Dates to note –

We are fully closed over Easter 2024 (March 29-31 2024)We are fully closed mid winter/Matariki (June 26th-29th)

We are unavailable for wedding cakes Saturday October 12 2024

We are closed Canterbury show day (15th of November)

We are fully closed for orders from Dec 21st 2024 – January 8th 2025

We are fully closed over Easter 2025 (April 18th-20th)

We do not offer delivery or pick up for cakes on Sundays, Mondays, or Tuesdays.

Once your consult is booked the date is set aside for you. We do ask though that once you receive your quote you let us know if you intend to proceed or not within a week.

Our cake tasting samples are well sized so feel assured that no matter how much of your wedding entourage you need to bring (we request no more than 4) you will all get to try some. We do not serve vegan samples and only offer chocolate as a gluten free option for samples.

Our initial consult (tasting is additional) is free of charge and will encompass everything about your cake, from flavour to decoration (extra cost for the cake tasting). Additional sessions are charged at $75/ half hour

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