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Happy Families

Happy Families

The single most special thing about our job is that we are very privileged to go on a journey with so many of our customers.

Several years ago a couple came to our shop for one of their first dates. As we all know, the best romances are built over copious amounts of sugar so it was no surprise that Helen and Nate’s relationship blossomed after this freak shake

No surprise a wee while later Nathan and Helen got in touch with us to organise their wedding cake. To celebrate the sweet beginnings of their relationship they wanted their cake to be inspired by one of our freakshakes. It was an absolute pleasure to deliver this three tiered beauty covered with torched meringue, donuts, caramel popcorn, mini ice cream cones, brownies, meringues, chocolate shards, macarons and cookie crumble

Over time their love story grew and after a wee while they found themselves in need of a gender reveal cake! Before you scroll make your guess!

It was a girl!

Earlier this year Nathan and Helen bought in their little bundle of joy, Evelyn Tala. We were so excited to meet her after all this time!

In April this year Evelyn turned one and we got to make her her first birthday cake!

Thank you to Helen and Nathan for having us be part of so many special memories, and also for sending us these beautiful photos for us to share!

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