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What Day Is Father’s Day?

What day is Father’s Day?

Father’s Day is on Sunday…

Sunday the 4th of September, this year we have a couple of cute options to spoil your father or father figure with and as always they can be for him or they can be to share.

The first of our range is a delicious chocolate cake with a caramel drip, chocolate buttercream and finished with hokey pokey chunks!

The Father’s Day Cakes come in two sizes, they are a minimum 2.5″ tall. The 5″ gives you 4-6 serves and the 8″ gives you 8-10 serves. You also have the option of adding a “Happy Father’s Day” cookie so you there is no mistaking who the cake is for.

We also have a cute Father’s Day Dessert Box in two size options, the small option includes: 1 x chocolate cake pops, 1 x caramel hearts, 2 x chocolate macarons, 2 x meringue sticks, 2 x meringues, 2 x assorted chocolates and 1 x “Happy Father’s Day” cookie.

The large option includes: 2 x chocolate cake pops, 2 x caramel hearts, 2 x chocolate macarons, 4 x meringue sticks, 4 x meringues, 5 x assorted chocolates and 1 x “Happy Father’s Day” cookie.

If your dad is anything like mine then a good ol’ dad joke is never too far away. Why not beat him at his own game and get a classic pun on one of our message brownies. Browse our preset options or make your own custom design!

These goodies are perfect gifts on their own or to accompany some brekkie in bed!

If your dad is vegan we also have him covered! Why not try our vegan chocolate cupcakes, these are to die for and come in a pack of 6 or 12 so some for dad and some for you! If he’s GF we also offer our classic cupcake flavours in a GF option.

Check out our website for more sweet ideas!

Please note: Orders must be in before 8am Wednesday the 31st of August.
Available for pick up or delivery on Saturday 3rd of September ONLY.

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