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Planning The Perfect Party

Planning the Perfect Party

We love making unique cakes whether it be bringing an image to life, using a party colour palette or incorporating your favourite sweet treat. We can’t help with planning the whole party but we can take some stress out of the cake and/or dessert, in this blog post we give some tips and tricks as well as showing some of our favourite cakes designed specifically for an important event.

If you are planning on having a dessert bar then your first step is to read our previous blog post “Design a Dream Dessert Bar”.

When it comes to the cake there are 4 key pieces of information that we need which are as follows:

  • The number of portions you require
  • The budget
  • The flavour
  • Any inspiration images, colours or themes

The first two options are easy enough to source, the last two may require a bit more guidance.

For the flavour my best of advice is to follow your heart but my next best piece of advice (and probably more helpful) would be to order a sample box. If you’re stuck for choice this will give you a bit of variety to try and it’ll also give you some sweet treats to share.

For the last point, I have found some examples of cakes we have done in the past based on a variety of things which may give you some inspiration.


The following are examples of cakes based off of the party invitations.

Inspiration/Mood Boards

For the following cakes we were given a few inspiration pictures, colours and party themes. We collated the images into mood boards below to compare with the end result.


For these images we were given an overall birthday/party theme. From left to right we have:
– Blue and white with ice cream and sprinkles
– Cookies, donuts and cake pops
– Antarctica

If you want to book in a custom cake get in touch with us and we will be more than happy to help you out. All ways to do so can be found here. Let us know the amount of portions you require, the budget, your flavour choice and any inspiration you have.

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