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Espen’s Expert Advice #3

Espen’s Expert Advice #3

If you’re a fan of showing love in the form of sugar then look no further, our gift box range is the place to be! I may be a little biased but it’s a struggle to pick between these amazing options. So I thought bringing in an expert to review and give tips is the logical thing to do. We were lucky enough to book in time with Espen to give us a hand.

1. The Dessert Box

The dessert boxes come in two sizes and Espen thinks these are great to share with your friends and family at a party. He said he would give one to his grandparents because they love treats from the shop.

The ‘Small Dessert Box’ includes:
5x Macarons (assorted flavours)
5x Donut Holes
3x Medium Cinnamon, and Glazed Donuts
2x Cupcakes
2x Cake Pops
2x Triple Chocolate Cookies
1x Optional Cookie Message (Preset Options e.g. Happy Birthday)
Brownie Chunks
Chocolate bark
Molded Chocolates

The ‘Large Dessert Box’ includes:
10x Macarons (assorted flavours)
10x Donut Holes
6x Medium cinnamon, and Glazed Donuts
4x Cupcakes
3x Cake Pops
3x Triple Chocolate Cookies
1x Optional Cookie Message (Preset Options e.g. Happy Birthday)
Brownie chunks
Chocolate bark
Molded chocolates

2. The Love Box

This wee cutie is as delicious as it is adorable and Espen said its a great box to give to people you love! Speaking of adorable, when I asked who he would give this box to he said he would give this to his mum because he loves her (awwwww).

Each box contains:
3x Macarons
2x Raspberry Panna Cotta Tarts
2x Cupcakes
2x Cake Pops
1x Pink Glazed Donut
1x Chocolate Caramel Heart
Assorted Chocolates and Meringues

3. The Colour Box

Our colour box, in my opinion, is classy and elegant but we’re not here for my opinion although I’m sure Espen would agree.

When discussing the colour box Espen was quick to say he’d have a blue colour box for sure, he is a big fan of strawberries so I think it is safe to say this is his top pick! He also says it is important to know the person’s favourite colour (great tip) when giving this as a gift. For an example he said he would give this to his dad for his birthday and it would be red.

Each box contains:
4x Chocolate Dipped Strawberries
3x Caramel Ganache Hearts
2x Chocolate Cake Pops
2x Glazed Donut Rings

4. The Name Box

If you didn’t know already Espen is a big fan of customisation. When I asked what he thought of the name box he said “When you put a persons name on a present they will love it but if it’s their name in cookies they will die.” I’m assuming they’d die of a cuteness overload.

Each box contains:
4x letters – Chocolate (chocolate box) or Vanilla biscuit (white and colour box) with vanilla buttercream

10x Chocolates
7x Macarons
3x Geode Cake Pops (assorted flavours)
2x Caramel Ganache Hearts
1x Fresh Flower
1x Optional Cookie Message (Preset Options e.g. Happy Birthday)

5. Christmas Boxes

You read that right, we have now released out christmas boxes! A white chocolate pink box and a dark chocolate box.

It’s no surprise that Espen recommends these as Christmas gifts and he says they will be perfect for his dad. “If there is one thing I know about dad’s it’s that they love chocolate.”

Each box contains:
2x Glazed Donuts
2x House Made Mint Oreos Dipped in Chocolate
2x Chocolate Dipped Strawberries
2x Caramel Ganache Christmas Trees
2x Chocolate Cake Pops
2x Orange Hot Chocolate Stirrers with Marshmallows
1x Cookie

Staying true to tradition, as I see Espen’s attention fading I ask for his final thoughts, tips, advice and anecdotes:

  • Think about what the person’s favourite box is and pick that one.
  • Dad’s love chocolate.
  • You have to know everyone’s favourite colours
  • Pick your mum and dad as the people to give the gifts to, to get tech time.
  • This one time in among us someone said their cat had died so I followed them around to protect them.

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