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Espen’s Expert Advice #7 – Father’s Day

Espen’s Expert Advice #7 – Father’s Day

Father’s Day is a week away, can you believe how fast the year is going, lockdown was simultaneously fast and slow and now it’s almost Spring! As you already know Espen is the expert at all things and gift giving is no exception. We had a wee chat with him to get you some tips and tricks at how to win at Father’s Day.

Espen’s biggest tip, which I have also witnessed first hand, is to get a gift for dad that can he share with you. Examples of this in action is when he gifted his mum with Minecraft magnets for her birthday, nerf guns for his dad’s birthday etc. You get the idea.

Espen is also a big fan of personalisation. I asked him what I should get for my Dad for father’s day and he said “don’t you know what your dad likes?” Blunt and to the point, you need to know what your dad likes. It’s undeniable that dad’s love jokes (funny or not) so we have also included a sweet and punny option.

Now, I don’t know about you but not only do I love sharing but I also love variety so I have included a couple of options below that can work as delicious Father’s Day gifts.

Left: The Name Box Easily shareable and easy to personalise is the name box, get your dads name, nickname or simply “DAD.”
Right: Mini Treat Gift Box also easy to share, cute and comes in a variety of colours.

I think my dad is eggcellent so this is the perfect gift for him the “You’re Eggcellent” brownie box. We also have a custom brownie option so you can think of your own puns! Or add a nice message, your choice.

Our special one-off father’s day option is this adorable cake and card/print set. We have teamed up with inimitable Sasha at Giles Creative to create a one of a kind gift of a custom image of your father your family or you (coz you want to remind him of who your favourite child is) replicated on a cake and in your choice of an A5 print or A6 card. The cake comes in two limited time flavours, Chocolate caramel and lemon meringue pie.

I’ve checked these options off with the chief advisor and after a few changes he agrees this is the best line up for potential Father’s Day gifts. If you need any further help feel free to slide into our DM’s and we can run it by Espen for you.

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