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Espen’s Expert Advice #4

Espen’s Expert Advice #4

We have been in the dessert business for 10 years now and we have had our fair share of flavours come and go. It’s not often that we take the time to promote our regulars and give them some time to shine as often our stunning cakes take the centre stage.

We thought, who better to show our desserts some love and rate our current fridge line-up than the resident expert of all things, Espen. He’s a man of few words and his time is very precious so we have gone with a restaurant review style this time round. We sat him down, surrounded him with desserts and this is what happened.

Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake

Fudgy chocolate base, topped with layers of dark, milk and white chocolate.

Rating: 4/5 if I was my Grandma, but only a 3/5 for me
Comment: I don’t like white chocolate so it’s not for me. I think my Grandma would like it. She thinks chocolate tastes good. It looks good though

Yuzu Passionfruit Tart

A crisp pastry shell encasing housemade passionfruit curd. Topped with a yuzu and white chocolate mousse, yuzu meringue and a shard of yuzu chocolate

Rating: 3/5
Comment: It looks pretty nice. When I first tried it it tasted like lemons that were really sour. A bit like limes. At the end it started tasting good like candy so I started liking it a little bit. I would get this for my Grandad and Aunty because they like really sour things.

Chocolate and Caramel Cheesecake

A chocolate, sable and crunch biscuit base topped with a dark chocolate cheesecake half sphere dipped in caramelised white chocolate, finished with white chocolate caramel mousse, glaze.

Rating: 5/5
Comment: It had me at cocoa crunch. It’s like, real good

Coconut, Strawberry and Chocolate Mousse

Belgian dark chocolate and coconut mousse encasing a layer of strawberry vanilla jam, sitting on a chocolate base. Flourless and Vegan friendly.

Rating: 4/5
Comment: Jelly and cocoa. Good things. They do good things in my mouth when they are together. Could be cuter

Espresso and Vanilla Bar

Vanilla bean and mascarpone mousse encasing layers coffee creme brulee, caramel creme and espresso soaked sponge

Rating: 4/5 if I was my mum or it didn’t have the coffee. No comment for me
Comment: If I was in the old fashioned days, like when my mum was born then I might like it. But I am not old enough for things like coffee

Chocolate, Raspberry and Vanilla Heart

A chocolate sable biscuit base topped with a chocolate mousse heart encasing layers of raspberry jelly and vanilla bean creme brulee.

Rating: 5/5
Comment: Good description. Good eating. It looks good to give to friends or cousins. Or maybe people you love.

Not a big mousse fan. Sometimes I really feel like a nice treat so I stare at them all then I ask my mum if I can eat the one my tummy picks (never the coffee). They are a lot to eat so I don’t usually finish.

Note for the reader, all of these delicious desserts are available for purchase in store Wednesday-Saturday. They can also be ordered online, if order is placed before 11am you can get it delivered on the same day.

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