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Design A Dream Dessert Bar

Design a Dream Dessert Bar

The only thing that should be hard about desserts is the sugar candy geode accents on your customised cake pops. That’s why we’re here to guide you through making your dream dessert bar and help you take some stress out of your special event. 

Before deciding on the dessert options here are some things to consider;

We recommend 2 pieces per person if there is also cake or other food items being served or 3-4 pieces per person if dessert is the sole meal being served. 

You need to know the space that is allocated for the dessert bar as this will give you a good idea of which items will fit well and the volume of each item required. We recommend stacking up and giving the display height if possible and a variety of desserts look best.

We don’t have equipment to hire but we recommend looking at these companies to see if there are some display items that you would be interested in. That way you will get a better idea of what desserts will work well with the equipment you use.
Cressy and Charmed 
The Event Boutique
The China Cabinet
The Little Hire Company

DIY Dessert Bar
Once the above is decided your first stop should be our DIY Dessert Bar menu, this is designed to make your selection process easier with a variety of delicious desserts. You can also choose from our same day delivery menu as this includes a variety of yummy desserts as well. The beauty of our range is that most of our items are super customisable to fit into your colour scheme and having pre-set options will help you to work within your budget.

Our personalised cookies are also sure to impress and will add an extra pop of colour to the dessert bar. You can even go the extra mile and create custom fortune cookies for your guests. 

We have included two great examples of desserts from our online menus and DIY dessert bar menu.

On the left, Macarons, Cake Pops, Mini Cupcakes and Personalised cookies all in the pink colour theme. All of these items can be found in our DIY dessert bar menu.

On the right we have mix of same day options e.g. chocolate and caramel cheesecakes in the pink and white theme with items from our DIY menu and a stunning cookie number cake as the centre piece.

Custom Dessert Bar
If you are looking for an option that you can take full creative control with, then the custom dessert bar is the way to go. It is fully customisable down to nostalgic flavours, desserts and specific colour schemes. 

You can have a lot of freedom and fun with a customer dessert bar. A cute idea for a wedding dessert table could be making custom desserts that exemplify the bride and groom. Kade and Jamie had a bit of fun with this idea and designed a dessert for each other as an example;

Kade Entremet Prouting
Milk chocolate cheesecake base – Kade’s favourite dessert and super sweet like him
Pilsner infused caramel – Because he has the thrills for pils
Vanilla bean creme brûlée – He’s a big custard fan and lil bit thicc
Caramelised peanut crunch – The approachable everyday nut of the nut family

The Jamie Profiterole
Blackberry glaze with 24 karat gold leaf- Sweet on the outside with the $24 gold engagement ring to match
Lemon choux pastry – Sour like her attitude at 5am when I try to wake her up 
Vanilla craquelin crunch – Mirroring her porcelain skin
Filled with white chocolate mousse – Soft and gooey like her hugs makes me feel

We have created many amazing dessert bars alongside our customers and we have included some photos below to give you some inspiration.

If you have an event coming up and would like to have an amazing dessert bar then please enquire HERE. We’ll work with you to ensure your vision becomes a reality for your special event.

*Bonus Edit* if you have made it this far you deserve to know that Kade is now in trouble, Jamie hates white chocolate… Oops.

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