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Spring/Summer Wedding Season Recap 2021-2022

Spring/Summer Wedding Season Recap 2021-2022

Winter has well and truly begun! I thought this was the perfect excuse to remember the warmer, frost-less, times and look through our wedding cake gallery for Spring/Summer 2021-2022. I also realised, if I write a blog post about it, I can do it during company time! Lol shh don’t tell Kade and Jamie.

The hardest part is choosing only a few of my favourites, so I may need to do a part 2! Without further ado here are a few of my faves.

A standout for me is this cake trio, they colour matched the stunning burnt orange bridesmaid dresses. These three had a wee way to travel out of Christchurch to Amuri Estate so a cake table was the perfect solution as larger cakes are not ideal for long distance transport! Florals provided by Lisa at The Event Boutique.
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  1. So gorgeous and varied. My favourites are the burnt orang trio and the cake with the rice paper sails ❤️.

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