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Summer 2020-2021 Wedding Cake Recap

Summer 2020-2021 Wedding Cake Recap

We’re drawing near to the end of my first wedding season at The Cake Eating Company and what a season it has been. I’m like a little kid at a candy store every Friday and Saturday, I’ve said this before but it still rings true, I find myself audibly gasping whenever I see the Wedding Cakes that Jamie and Kade create alongside the brides and grooms.

I have compiled a list of some of the standouts for me this season and when I say this took me hours I am not over exaggerating.

If you’re preparing for your big day have a look through for these highlights for inspiration and check out our previous blog which tells you everything you need to know about planning your cake: Wedding Cakes 101.

You can also book in a tasting and consultation here.

Three tier wedding cake, (5″ x 4″+7″ x 4″ +9″ x 4″), with caramel drip and fresh florals.
Two tier wedding cake (7″ x 6″ + 5″ x 6″), gold leaf patches, fresh flowers and a custom topper from Heart Popping Designs.
Two tier dusky pink ombre wedding cake (6″ x 6″ + 9″ x 6″)
Single tier wedding cake (6″ x 8″) with peach, white and pink textured buttercream and roses
Three tier white and gold wedding cake (6″ x 4″ +8″ x 4″ +10″ x 4″)
Two tier (6″ x 6″ + 8″ x 6″) white, gold and green wedding cake textured buttercream and chocolate text: “Finally”
Three tier white, gold and purple wedding cake (4″ x 4″+ 6″ x 4″ + 8″ x 4″)
Three Tier Wedding Cake with Smooth Buttercream and floral arrangements (5″ x 4″ + 7″ x 4″ + 9″ x 4″)

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