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The Year That Was – A Selection Of Weddings

The year that was – a selection of weddings

We are coming up to a close on 2018 and it has been a crazy year. Like actually insane, and we have loved every 18 hour work day, playing tetris with the cakes in the fridge (we got another one so that’s sorted now), and schedule making moment of it.

In the past four months we have made a crazy 91 wedding cakes. It is such an insane privilege to be involved in such a special day, and nothing makes me happier than gazing at our fridge on Friday and Saturday mornings before everything starts to leave the shop. This year we have loved seeing how varied the cakes are that go out every week. They are all so different and we love seeing couples leave behind the need to fit in a traditional box of what a cake should be and go with something that is what they want, and what reflects them as a couple.

We first met Pamela and Jason when we started selling cakes by the slice at boutique markets about 5 years ago. They had us in love with their opening line of ‘I don’t really care what it looks like, I NEED it to taste good’. It didn’t hurt that they also had gorgeous taste and a stunning venue. Their wedding 1920’s styled with a hint of Star Wars for the self proclaimed nerd, Jason.

Two tiers of cake with a crushed gold base, and star wars topper helped make this cake the perfect centre piece for their special day.


Serina and Pana got married at Trents in the middle of a perfect spring.

We met them over a year before to design their cake. The Crusaders were also playing that night so Pana was understandably anxious to get it sorted.

In between the dates we have been privileged enough to make a few of their birthday cakes.

After a few design changes they chose this stunning cake. Four tiers of semi naked cake with a bold 24K gold leaf cascade over the front, and a few small salted caramel drips over the tiers. The flowers were supplied by Charmed Flowers.

The cakes were tiers of lemon, raspberry and passionfruit cake, sticky date cake, banana caramel cake, and chocolate mud cake


Kezia and Josh were one of those couples that grin at you when you first meet and suddenly you have felt like you have known each other for ever and chat away for the whole time.

Their vision for an elegant, timeless cake with a modern feel came together as a cake you couldn’t help but stare at. It fit perfectly at the light and bright Langdales Vineyard.

A smooth buttercream finish with 24K gold leaf, pink macarons a mirror gold topper and an abundance of flowers supplied by Flowers by Lynette.

Josh is gluten free, and so the whole cake was made to cater for him. Tiers of snickers, chocolate raspberry and lemon raspberry and passionfruit cake made up their three tiers.



Amelia and Tom served their cake for dessert at the inimitable Cossars Wineshed.

The two oversized tiers measured 5 and 7″ wide, and 7″ high. Both semi naked with a caramel drip coming down on alternating sides, and finished with flowers in purple and white from Flowerhead.

The two tiers were both gluten free to cater to a large number of gluten free and coeliac guests. They were made up of chocolate mud cake, and a luscious lemon cake.



Jess had singled us out as their cake makers from when she knew she was going to marry the man of her dreams. They married at Sumner Surf Life Saving Club in late November.

In case you can’t tell, she really, REALLY likes pink (and who can blame her!).

The top two tiers are semi naked, and the bottom a watercolour pink. Gold drips on alternating corners with pink macarons and phenomenal flowers from Charmed Flowers finish the look. The cake matched perfectly with one of our custom hand made cake stands.

The tiers were lemon, raspberry and passionfruit, black forest and raspberry white chocolate.

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