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We are re-introducing a video series to our repertoire. They will be tutorial style so you can bake alongside us at home! Watch the video below to learn how we make our delicious cookies.

Top Cookie Tips

Always use the best ingredients that you can. The chocolate we used in this video are is a mix of Callebaut and Valrhona brands, which are my personal favourites.

Use what you love, and what tastes good because the better quality the ingredients, the better the end product!

For our pop of fruit we use Fresh As – Freeze dried fruit packs a real bang of flavour and is dry so doesn’t affect consistency. 

Nuts, always toast them! Toasting the nuts unlocks their flavour. Around 10 minutes at 160 is ideal. 

Play around with flavours. These are some of my favourites, but you will have combinations you love. 

Cookies make the perfect ready to go treat. Try rolling the dough into a log and freezing it. You can chop off a slice of cookie, and bake from frozen. Alternately you can scoop the balls of dough, freeze them on a tray, and once frozen pop them in a container ready to go. They are perfect for lunch box treats or surprise visitors. 

Jazz them up, make some chocolate ganache to sandwich them together. 

Handy dandy circle cookie trick courtesy of Cloudy Kitchen

Disclaimer: Please use a cloth or similar to get the tray out of the oven because HOT!

Ingredients List:
250g butter
1/2tsp baking soda
370g brown sugar
2 eggs
1tsp vanilla
330g flour
300g chocolate chips (and whatever else you want to add!)

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