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We LOVE Heart Cakes!

We LOVE heart cakes!

Heart cakes made major waves in 2022 and we are excited to see what 2023 brings with these cute cakes dripping in a touch of 1990s nostalgia

This one went out to a wedding anniversary dinner party! Celebrating several decades together. The answer to the question is a resounding ‘yes’!
Hot pink, white piping and sweet wee red roses bringing off the bad bitch vibes for Sagi Season
I can’t pick what is cuter, piped cherries, or real ones! Either way this cake serves in every way. Happy birthday Meg!
Taking a break from bright pinks to this pastel night sky heart. The clouds, my heart cannot even.
There is no colour scheme more banging than pink and red, I will fight you on that. So will this cake.
Rounding out the crew with soft pink monochrome for Ellie. Fluffy buttercream with balls of sprinkles brings hearts to my eyes (and the parties mouths!)

We have our piped heart cakes available as a standard option here – Heart Cake in a small and large size, but as you can see above we love to customise! Hit us up if you want to bougie up your heart <3

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