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Espens Expert Advice #5

Espens Expert Advice #5

Espen catching some inspiration from our Mother’s Day Box

Planning some Mother’s Day special treats May 9? Espen is here with his expertise to share his top tips on how you can guarantee you’ll be looking forward to some more tech time, and potentially an extended bedtime.


I don’t really know right now. So first I have to think about it. I don’t really know that much about her.

I will set up something that she will like, then she will love me more for it.


I would start with breakfast in bed (spoiler alert, check back here May 2 for our family waffle recipe!). I will try find some pink flowers in the garden. Your mum might like different coloured flowers, so make sure you match the flower to her.


Time to hit her with some more stuff she likes that will make her feel loved. A little one on one time with me and Cuthbert (the dog). We would go out for a walk. Mum’s love walks.


Do some things she likes. I like video games, and my mum likes a couple of them. I will suggest we play that one because that way I get video games and she gets time with me, her favourite creation. If you’re mum doesn’t like PUBG then maybe instead of gaming you can find a boardgame


She doesn’t like spaghetti, so lunch is a bit disappointing for me. I am thinking some Uncle Roger stir fried rice with tofu. I like rice, she likes tofu. Oof. (we aren’t too sure what this sound means)


Do some chores for her. I don’t like sweeping, but I don’t mind mopping. So I will offer to mop if she sweeps. A whole job done.


Probably give her a sweet treat. I like chocolate cupcakes


Fill in the rest of your night with things you like to do. Your mum will be so tired from all the love that she will probably want to read a book.

Notes: Don’t trust dads. They are only gonna try out do you on Mother’s Day. He might try to suggest things she doesn’t like for you to do so that what he does looks better.

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