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Espen’s Expert Advice #1

Espen’s Expert Advice #1

Espen Prouting
Experience: 7 years kid & grandkid

Struggling to find the perfect cake for your parent or grandparent? Look no further as we’ve recruited an expert cake consultant to give you all the advice you’ll need to pick the perfect cake. Together Espen and I have meticulously scoured The Cake Eating Company socials for, in our opinion, the best cake designs for our parents/grandparents and compiled them below.

If you’re looking for a point of difference, then choosing an entremets or a cookie cake is a good place to start.

Pictured: Chocolate sable biscuit filled and topped with vanilla bean cream. Finished with meringues, macarons, chocolates, dried raspberry, fresh strawberry, fresh flowers and gold leaf.

These customisable cookie cakes are a crowd pleaser and Espen’s hot tip for the cookie cake is to “change the number to your grandma or grandads age and they’ll love it.”

Pictured: A classic triple chocolate mousse cake topped with chocolate, meringues, macarons and fresh strawberries,

Entremet cakes are great as they give you the full dessert experience, “see the covering on that? It has lots of things to make you feel good.” Espen thought that this particular cake would be great for his grandad as he likes chocolate. Espen said his grandad likes to run around with dogs in his spare time so he deserves a nice cake that will make him feel good.

Espen has advised that the two tier beauties below would be perfect for large gatherings as “lots of people can eat them and they look super good” and they “scream grandma because she loves lots colour.”

Espen recommends the following cakes for a “modern look” and a hot tip would be to find out what flowers your parents/grandparents like and add them to the design. Espen thinks the flowers around his grandparents “pagola” (pergola) would be a hit.

The key to picking a good cake is to find something unique to the recipient, Espen agrees and thinks the goal is “when you see it in real life, you didn’t expect it.” I think stencilling, wafer paper and unique shapes will help achieve this goal. Like the cakes below.

Espen gave great insight throughout regarding the style of the cake but something that came up a lot was the taste. He thinks “you need to have a good taste, if you tell them the flavour and they like it then they will eat it all.” So I have included a link to our cake flavours page here for you to browse.

Final thoughts from our cake consultant:

  • Get a cake that looks super good
  • Have a modern design
  • Have medium amount of colour
  • Get gold
  • Have different colouring
  • Get the right colour
  • Lastly, for the party get lots of cushions and have a big indoor area.

Enough said.

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