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Espen’s Expert Advice #2

Espen’s Expert Advice #2

It was the CEO/expert advisor of The Cake Eating Company’s birthday on the 3rd of October, so it’s only fair that the next instalment of Espen’s Experts Advice is centered around his cake for the big day. 

This is the process that we went through with Espen to create his dream birthday cake:

Step 1 – Size

When selecting a cake size there are two important factors to consider, the amount of people attending the party and your budget.

When we asked Espen how many people will be at his party he listed his 4 friends that would be attending and his 3 ‘drivers’ (cousins who desperately wanted to play mini golf). Together, we decided that Espen ultimately wanted a slice for everyone at the party and one slice for each of his friends to take home.

You’ll be pleased to know that since his last appearance he has negotiated a fair wage for his services, 1 hour of tech time, $10 and a birthday cake. This means that’s Espen’s cake budget was limited only by the amount of time his mum had. It was an especially busy wedding weekend as there were a couple of covid rescheduled weddings moved into October, so needless to say the time budget was poor.

With all of this considered we landed on a 6” x 6” cake which gives 15 serves.

Step 2 – Design

The theme and design of the cake was predetermined by Espen through a conversation that went a little like this;

‘I want Preston Merch’
‘I’m not buying you YouTuber merch’
‘A Preston cake?’
‘Can do’

As we don’t fall into Preston’s target demographic we had to do a little bit of research to find out what he was about. Thanks to google we found out he was a Minecraft YouTuber and although a Minecraft cake with a bunch of squares seems simple, it would be very time consuming so does not fit the time poor aspect of the budget. Instead we found his logo that he uses on his merch and decided it would be perfect.

Step 3. Flavour

Luckily, Espen has grown up in a cake shop so he doesn’t need to have a cake tasting to know the one cake flavour he likes, Chocolate mud cake. I asked about the thought process that went into the flavour choice and he responded simply “Chocolate.” Duh!

So it’s as easy as that, a 6” chocolate mud Preston themed cake. Upon finishing the decorating on the morning of the party Espen gave the cake a standing ovation, so it is clear that his vision was brought to life and he is a satisfied Expert Advisor.

We asked for Espen’s final thoughts regarding the cake creation process that he thought might be helpful for others who are planning their own cake.

Here are those final thoughts:

  • Think about how many people and cats will be attending your party (a good cat dad always considers his cat)
  • He explained something about breeding cows in Minecraft but I’ll be honest, I didn’t quite understand what he was saying.
  • Choose your favourite flavour
  • Go with the your favourite design and colours
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