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Hello Jamie and Kade,

I have meant to do this for a long time and there has been a lot of Life and Death in between.

This was the cake that you made on behalf of me for my Friends from London to celebrate their garden party wedding. One is a Unicorn called Them and the Other said: “Just go as queer as you like”. And thank you for such a Drag Queen Child of a Cake! It was incredibly well received as a gesture or painting of these two but it was more adored for being delicious. Often things that look this extravagant don’t taste so, and this cake truly did taste as extravagant as it’s costume!

I recommend The Cake Eating Company for their artistry in so very many directions but also for their everyday deliciousness…whenever I need to look after folk in my home, a box of gorgeousness, or a casual cake, is as wow-full as a tower. This Company do not spare the horses and we are lucky to have them here in Christchurch.

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